eReaders: one step closer to having to carry nothing at all

This week’s Mind the Gap: How do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand?

I hate lugging things around. My laptop, files, papers, binders, reference books, ANYTHING. OK, soon I will be lugging around a baby, and I can’t really get around that, BUT! If a genie gave me a wish, I would wish that I could pull anything up readable right before my eyes and shuffle, make changes, close things out, whatever, a la “Mission Impossible” or “Iron Man.”

  • No paper.
  • No laptops.
  • No binders.
  • No books.

Is it shocking, then, that I love my eReader, which brings me one step closer to having TONS of material without carrying tons of materials?

I like gadgetry to begin with, but I’m not an obsessive gadget hog. I looooove my Mac at home, but I’ve avoided the iPad (too expensive) and the iPhone (preferring early 4G availability and other Droid functionality), even when those items were so ridiculously hot that to not have one was to be perceived as a caveman. You know what? Don’t care.

But I’m all about functionality. If something helps me live more efficiently, more beautifully, more conveniently, more cost-effectively, I’m so there. Imagine my delight when I was able to pull up work documents on my simple little Kindle HD and read and take notes while on my commute without a laptop or paper notepad. I felt like I’d found a treasure map to the meaning of life. And this was just the rinky dink Kindle, not an iPad!

Magazines come alive on eReaders! My favorites are Working Mothers, National Geographic, and cooking magazines. Such a joy to read, and again, so portable and flexible. You can increase font and pictures, change the format to simple text, bookmark pages, and highlight passages.

I actually read through long books because the eReaders mask the heft of a book that might otherwise be intimidating in length. (Yes, I read fiction! I’m trying to get my fiction in before Baby comes and I will be lucky to manage my basic functions, much less reading and following an intricate story.) And who wants to be tied down to one book at a time? When I travel, I’d like to have some variety to fit my mood. Am I going to carry around 5 physical, page-turning books? No way.

So it’s eReader for me, all the way… until we get that Mission Impossible/Iron Man thing going. Then I will drop the eReader like a hot potato.

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